Mortuary Guide
The First Things to Do After the Death of a Loved-one -
Document Checklist.
There are some documents that may be needed, or at least helpful, in settling the estate of the deceased.
These documents should be located and kept together in one place until they can be turned over to the
person in charge of carrying out this part of the affairs of the deceased.
Documents Needed to Complete Checklist

☐        Death certificates (maybe a dozen)
☐        Social Security card
☐        Marriage certificate
☐        Birth and death certificates (including birth certificates for any children)
☐        Pension, IRA, retirement statements
☐        Insurance policies (including: life insurance, health, accident, sickness or other policies)
☐        Deeds and titles to property (including: mortgages, mortgage releases, leases, etc.)
☐        Automobile title and registration papers
☐        Stock certificates (stock and bond certificates and account statements)
☐        Bank info (including: statements, checkbooks, check registers, CD's, safe deposit box info and keys)
☐        Loan and installment payment books and contracts
☐        Funeral and burial plans/contracts
☐        Trust agreements
☐        Nuptial agreements (including: marriage licenses, prenuptial agreements, divorce papers)
☐        Recent income tax forms (including W-2 forms)
☐        Income tax returns for the past three years
☐        Gift tax returns
☐        Military records (including: honorable discharge papers for a veteran and/or VA claim number)
☐        Budgets and/or bookkeeping records
☐        Motor vehicle titles
☐        Bankruptcy papers (including: filings and releases, unpaid bills, notes, etc.)

(NOTE. This material is not intended to replace the advice of a qualified attorney, tax advisor, investment professional, or insurance
agent. Before making any commitment regarding the issues discussed here, consult with the appropriate professional.)
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